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Portraits featuring your personality and character

Create your success story: how do you want people to remember you? We work together to hand craft images that give life, clarity and meaning to your context, highlighting your personality and positive attitude... with which your brand story becomes compelling.

Corporate Headshots


  • Look confident and enthusiastic about your job
  • Style appropriate for your industry makes your LinkedIn profile and professional bio instantly credible; useful for  job search.
  • Lasting impression is a key in effective networking and your future advancement.
  • Style: conservative/traditional, relaxed/organic or casual, depending on your industry and audience.
  • Common mistake 1: keeping your old headshot for younger look, failing to show your experience.
  • Common mistake 2: take a casual snapshot, crop it and call it a headshot. Don't look sloppy!
  • Be ready for the spotlight opportunity. Add value to your career.
  • See corporate headshots page for more info, including a wide range of sample images, packages and pricing. This is an easy, painless and engaging session.


Actor Headshot photographer, Boston's best examples & advice


  • Show you can act, don't just show how you look. Bring out your natural character to make your face stick in casting directors' mind.
  • Show the best of you, in the best light.
  • Common mistake: trying to make headshots look fancy. Keep it clean-cut and focus on your face!
  • Natural look retouching enhances the skin without misrepresenting (optional).
  • Photographer who evokes your mind and brings out your personality.
  • See actor headshots page for more information, including sample images, packages and prices.


Personality Photographer in Boston, Profile Pictures guy example for Dating Sites


A visual tool that communicates who you are... connecting with new people:

  • Onnline dating profile pictures, especially for 
  • Personal branding, especially for relationship-based businesses and networking,
  • Audience engagement for leaders, celebrities and rock stars!
  • Common mistake: letting your friend or intern take these pictures. People can tell when the picture looks awkward or lacks personality. (Selfies are a non-starter.)

See personality portraits page for more info, packages, pricing and more. Remember: people look at your pictures before they read the text!



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I'm an aspiring actor, so it's necessary for me to have headshots, and I do NOT have any regrets on choosing BEAUPIX. The photographer, Ryuji, knew I was nervous, and made it so easy for me. He even played some of my favorite music during the session. His patience and expertise made me more comfortable and relaxed, which resulted in some excellent photos. We worked well as a team. He has a lot of knowledge about the industry and made great suggestions. He even taught me a few things about cameras and the editing process. If you need headshots, go to BEAUPIX. Your money does not go to waste. And it's safe to say that if I ever need more headshots, I know where I'm going. – John Cellini

I've worked with many top photographers over the years for work and personal shots, and Ryuji of Beaux Studio is seriously one of the best photographers out there! Do not waste your time and money going anywhere else when it comes to getting a photograph that not only authentically represents who you are, your brand, but creates an image that projects the best parts of you. He is a master at understanding your mindset and working with you whether you are camera shy or love the limelight. He is an expert artist, marketer and creative business owner. Most importantly, he cares deeply that you are satisfied with the results and not tied up in his own ego. Listen carefully to all of his advice to prepare for the photo - he truly knows what he is doing and is going to produce a meaningful and effective photograph for you! – Alicia H., a creative business owner in greater Boston

A superbly professional, fantastic and efficient experience with excellent quality photographs.  Needed to obtain professional portraits for fellowship applications as well as personal use, was able to very easily get in contact with Ryuji with expedient response, followed by a scheduled phone call to discuss the details of the shoot. He was very accommodating to a very tight schedule.  With regards to his work he is very detailed yet swift, and definitely finds the missing piece of a photo with sophisticated ease.  Excellent experience and would most certainly return for any additional photos ever needed in the future.  Highly recommend. Youssra M.

One of the best experiences of my life! Ryuji takes the time to know you and coaches you throughout the whole process. He really knows how to capture the best moment and has a natural talent in picking up your personality which shows in the pictures unlike any other photographer I have ever known. Personally, I am not a natural at taking great pictures, but with his expertise, patience and talent, I was able to feel relaxed and he took some amazing pictures! I am very happy with the results and would recommend his studio to anyone looking for a professional picture, corporate headshot or for use in their marketing plan. Looking forward to working with him in the future for other projects for my business. – Jean S., a Boston area business owner
My headshot session with Ryuji went super well, and I'm so pleased with the results. He really cares about capturing a person's emotion, which is great in any picture but especially important in actor headshots. I felt so relaxed and had more and more fun in front of the camera the more the shoot went on. I also liked how he showed me the pictures often during the session, so I knew how I was doing and which shots I wanted to go for next. I left with so many usable, dynamic pictures! My friends and family love them too. If you're looking for very high quality actor headshots at a very reasonable price, you've found your guy. – Sam E., a young actress in Boston.
Over the past three years I have been to Beaupix three times for photographs. The requirements were different each time. First, a headshot of my teenage daughter was needed, for her use as as actress. Beaupix was highly recommended to us, and I went with her to a headshot session in February 2011 that was handled gently and professionally. A year or so later, I needed a headshot, for my professional use. Recently, I needed photographs of four different types of objects to be used as illustrations in an academic book. The results were superb. Ryuji Suzuki, principal of Beaupix, has shown himself on each occasion to be a master of the technical requirements of the type of image required, and talented, and invariably cheerful. The book illustrations session was in the nature of a technical examination. It was impressive to watch Mr. Suzuki produce splendid images that fulfilled my desires and my European publisher's requirements. The pricing by Beaupix, in my opinion, is abundantly fair. I have been delighted with all of my experiences with Beaupix and enthusiastically recommend this studio (with which I have no connections). – Frederic G., Milton, MA on 1/27/2014

Boston Headshot Photographer for Corporate Business Outdoor Natural | Boston photographer

Ryuji is a true artist and working with him has transformed how I look at a headshot. He manages to take numerous photos and harvest a handful of photos that tell the story the client wants to share, all in a stress-free atmosphere. Ryuji has a keen understanding of aesthetics and sees the character in each smirk, squint and head tilt; it was as educational for me as it was productive.

We did a session for two headshots - one more formal indoors and another less stuffy outdoors. I ended with a few images and I love them all. The shoot was easy and Ryuji is terribly interesting so it's quite easy to make conversation and relax.

The studio is in the Midway Building and it's wonderful. There is a lot of texture - backdrops, industrial doors and windows, exposed brick and more. You could get a dozen different wonderful photos without leaving his space.

Ultimately, I paid a very reasonable price, I had no problem scheduling it, Ryuji was a true professional and friendly, and I loved the results. I honestly wish I could give it ten stars. Highly recommended. I will go back again (and my wife will be going soon as well). – Anthony C.